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New Satellite Offices Now Open to Better Serve Dallas County

The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office’s mission is to see that justice is done by protecting the innocent in our County without respect to race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status. Our office will maintain the highest level of honesty, integrity, and transparency and we will always be accountable to our community.

Launched March 1, 2017, the eleven (11) satellite offices, located throughout Dallas County, provide more accessibility to our community and make the crime reporting, investigation and prosecution processes as efficient, successful and comfortable for our community as possible.

Our satellite offices focus primarily on intimate crimes like family violence, sexual assault and child abuse. Please do not hesitate to visit an office near you should you need assistance in your journey to obtain justice.

Judge Hawk’s 4th Town Hall Cedar Springs


December Town Hall

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Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez opened Judge Hawk’s fourth Town Hall which was held at The Cathedral of Hope, an LGBT inclusive church, on Cedar Springs Road in Oak Lawn.

Judge Hawk reminisced about the on and off two decades she lived in the area spent walking her dog at night and taking daily trips to Starbucks.   Regarding the recent crime wave she said “From a personal level I’m terribly sorry about what has happened.”  She further stated that her office is committed to prosecuting these offenses to the fullest extent of the law.

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She spoke of the elements required to prosecute a crime as a “hate crime”.   Its added difficulty to the prosecution of robbery, for instance, requires proof that the crime was specifically about the victims sexuality.

Judge Hawk also spoke of one of the new projects being established in her office to include the Restorative Justice program, a diversion program to help youthful and mentally ill first time offenders.

Town Hall 4

When asked by Scott Adams, a 27 year resident of Oak Cliff,  why it took so long to add Police presence to the area, Assistant Chief of Investigations Randy Blankenbaker stated one of the reasons it took a while was how much the descriptions of the attackers varied.

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Deputy Chief Katrina Shead addressed the crowd from a neighborhood policing point of view.



Candids from Class 6 Graduation on 11/19/15

6 cake
Everybody’s favorite.
Brittany Dunn CPA’s Class 6 Leader
Judge @ 6
Judge Hawk Welcomes the Guests and Graduates


group cls 6
Here is Graduating Class 6
We all learned a thing or two about our flag tonight.

Cls 6 2Cls 6 1

DACA’s Board of Directors would like to welcome you aboard.
That smile embodies the feeling of the evening.

IMG_9950 (1)





IMG_9983 (2)





Dallas DA Susan Hawk’s First Town Hall Meeting at Concord Church Dallas

District Attorney Susan Hawk addresses her first Town Hall participants.
District Attorney Susan Hawk addresses the audience at her first  post-election Town Hall on 2/16/15
Royce West
Texas State Senator Royce West spoke to the group then became it’s moderator.


Dallas Deputy Chief Malik Aziz,  chairs the National Black Police Association
Dallas Deputy Chief Malik Aziz, also chairs the National Black Police Association, provided his law enforcement perspective.
Awaiting their chance to question D.A. Susan Hawk at her First Town Hall
Audience members awaiting their chance to ask questions of  D.A. Susan Hawk at her First Town Hall.
Tim Brooks Town Hall
DACA member Tim Brooks.
Del Newberry, Carolyn & Walt Rutkowski,  just some of the DACA members attending.
Del Newberry, Carolyn & Walt Rutkowski, just some of the DACA members attending.


DACA Vice-President Manuel Valadez, Jr. also attended this meeting and is not pictured because he was the one taking all but 2 of the pictures above.  Thanks Manuel!